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Because of our experience in all parts of the world, we know that the situation of each dairy farm can be different. It depends on the climate, breed of cows, number of cows, budget and a lot more. For each dairy farm we can help you with a solution. No matter what the size is. The quality of milk in Africa and South America goes up. The government will place increased demands on the quality of milk. Milking with a machine will help you with that. More milk and less mastitis. Also service can be a big problem in some parts of the world. In the most situations there is no service available within a few hours. So you need a reliable and trustworthy milking machine. We can take care of that.

Wondering what we can do for your dairy farm? Looking for a second hand milking machine that’s ready for a second live? Please do not hesitate to contact us and see our project page!


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    •    COW HEALTH
    •    FEEDING
    •    MILKING
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